Great Reasons to Buy a Hybrid

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Ten years ago, it was quite uncommon to see hybrid cars on the road. Consumers were constantly hearing about them, and marketing tactics were in full force trying to sell them; however, people just hadn’t quite caught onto the cars and their many benefits. Nowadays, however, hybrids are everywhere. And just as the demand for [...]

Has Carbon Trading Ever Worked in Real World Markets?

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Carbon trading is thought to be this great idea. Businesses are issued a certain amount of carbon credits that they may use. If they go over the amount of carbon that they have been allotted, then they may choose to purchase more carbon credits from other people in the market. The government is the issuer [...]

How Farmers Are Benefiting from the Boom in the Construction of Wind Turbines

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Renewable energy from wind is a rapidly growing industry, and one unexpected segment of the population that is benefiting are farmers. The life of a farmer is not easy; there are many uncontrollable variables that determine whether or not a farm is successful. Drought, frost, floods, disease…any of these can destroy a crop, and the [...]

The Benefits and Drawbacks of Ethanol Use and Production

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Many think that Ethanol is something that could be used to help save the planet. They tend to believe that this is the type of alternative energy that we need to set things straight. Unfortunately, that is not really the case for the most part. When looked at carefully, it becomes clear that Ethanol is [...]

The Fukushima Nuclear Disaster and What We Can Learn from It for the Future

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The Fukushima nuclear disaster was unprecedented and, in many ways, unexpected in a country that is considered to be the most prepared for earthquake damage. However, as everyone knows, it was not the massive earthquake that damaged the reactor, but the following tsunami. Two years later, experts are trying to make sense of the disaster [...]

What Is Clean Coal Technology and How Does It Actually Work?

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When the debate in American turns towards alternative energy, without fail, someone will mention clean coal as an alternative energy source. They claim that it’s all the power of coal without all the soot, carbon dioxide, and carcinogens. When people talk about clean coal, what they are talking about is a filter system put on [...]